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Mac Studio rack mounts available !

Nieuwe producten, nieuws uit de pers, speciale projecten, etc.

7 September 2022: Intel NUC 12 Pro NUC12WSKi5 Wall Street Canyon



13 May 2022: The brand new Mac Studio 19 inch rack mount is back in stock!!


12 May 2022: See how Intel uses our Rack Mount 1.5U for 3 NUCs to promote the new NUC EEC with Scale Computing!


We knew already that Intel uses our rack mounts themselves, but we were happily surprised to find out they showed it as part of their new solution on the Intel Vision Event about Edge Computing


NUC EEC Edge computung



4 May 2022: A surprise: The new 12th generation Intel NUC Extreme Barebone NUC12DCMi9 Dragon Canyon is available!

Intel NUC Extreme Barebone NUC12DCMi9 Dragon Canyon


4 May 2022: 2U mini-ITX is back! Available mid May!


 Mini-ITX 2U


18 Mrt 2022: The brand new Mac Studio 19 inch rack mount! Order NOW!



Modular rack mount Pro Enclosed - Front Removable

Front Removable!

Lots of trays are available like I/O panels, RB Pi + SSD, PSU tray and Blank covers.



5 Jan 2022: Nice review by Jeff Geerling of a customized product: 2U mini-ITX


2 Sep 2021: Build your own custom Raspberry Pi Rack Mount

We offer you the tools/parts to design your own combination of Raspberry Pi's, I/O panels and Blank covers in a 2U  Rack Mount frame.


25 Jun 2021: Finally! Now also a front removable rack mount for 12x Jetson



8 Jun 2021: A totally new concept of Raspberry Pi 1U Rack Mounts: Front Removable!


4 Jun 2021: NUC11 i3 in stock!


Set with NUC11, rack mount and connectors


NUC11 with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD










5 Feb 2021: A rackmount to combine 'High' NUC with Raspberry Pi

Any combination of 3 will fit in here: 1x NUC with 2x Raspberry Pi, 2x NUC with 1x Raspberry Pi, or simply 3x Raspberry Pi

1.5U rack mount for NUC and Raspberry Pi


21 Jan 2021: New Power Splitter cables to USB-C

DC to 2x USB-C             DC to 2x USB-C


Connect the DV tip 2.1 with a common PSU and you have 2x or 4x USB-C power connections (for Raspberry Pi model 4)


19 Jan 2021: A new Rack Mount is introduced: 1U 19" for 1 or 2 Intel NUC 'Fort Beach' 


Deliverable from stock!


20 Dec 2020: See this awesome review from ServeTheHome on our Mac mini & Raspberry pi rack mount.


10 Dec 2020: A brand new 3U rack mount for 12x Raspberry Pi

Fits all models B(+) PI 4 B, PI 3 B+, PI 3 B, PI 2 B, PI 1 B+


27 Nov 2020: Starting next week, a new NUC rack mount will be available: a 19 inch 1U rack mount for 1 or 2 Intel NUC Pro Fort Beach


20 Nov 2020: Snap-in momentary push button switch with a blue LED ring available now

Momentary switch insert

Will fit all MyElectronic rack mount with slots for inserts/connectors



10 Nov 2020: Our new line of Mac mini Rack mounts fit the new Mac mini with Apple M1 chip

Apple Mac mini with Apple M1 chip Apple Mac mini with Apple M1 chip


27 Oct 2020: Our Mac mini rack mount is updated with cable management frame

Mac mini rack mount

Inserts for Blank cover, I/O panel, and 2x Raspberry Pi all in stock now


16 Oct 2020: Raspberry Pi Mini Bracket for insert in Mac mini -, Hades Canyon -, and NUC9 rackmount.

Can also be used stand-alone as Wall Mount

Raspberry Pi mini bracket


17 July 2020: NEW RaspBerry Pi rack mount 'Pro-Enclosed'

1-4 Raspberry  Pi in a 19 inch 1U closed case


16 July 2020: FINALLY:

STOCK!! - Quartz Canyon NUC9VXQNX - STOCK!!


10 July 2020: Australia temporarily only UPS for delivery method

Due to renewed lock-downs, our World Wide Economy Free delivery is not possible for Australia. UPS (paid shipping) is not a problem.


10 July 2020: NUC9 Extreme.. once again Intel reveals new delivery time

NUC9 Ghost Canyon and NUC9 Quartz Canyon expected the 20th July.

Yes, we said delivery is near before. But we are solely depending on what Intel is telling us.

Ghost Canyon NUC9i7QNX & NUC9i5QNX and the Quartz Canyon NUC9VXQNX & NUC9V7QNX 

18 June 2020: NUC9 Extreme.. for what it's worth...

NUC9 Ghost Canyon and NUC9 Quartz Canyon expected the first week of July!

Yes, we said delivery is near before. But we are solely depending on what Intel is telling us.

Ghost Canyon NUC9i7QNX & NUC9i5QNX and the Quartz Canyon NUC9VXQNX & NUC9V7QNX 


6 June 2020: New NUC8 Austin Beach / Chandler Bay Compute Elements

Most models are available from stock now!

Austin Beach Rack Mount

New developed 1U rack mount 19 inch for Austin Beach Chassis "expandable" (BKCMCR1ABA), "Dual LAN" (BKCMCR1ABB) and "Multi HDMI" (BKCMCR1ABC)



20 May 2020: All Raspberry Pi rack mounts in 1 PDF

Download PDF about Raspberry Pi rack mounts


14 May 2020: Just got an update from Intel:

NUC9 Ghost Canyon and NUC9 Quartz Canyon expected in about 3 weeks!

This is not just 'another assumption', but was announced in a webinar today by Intel. 

Ghost Canyon NUC9i7QNX & NUC9i5QNX and the Quartz Canyon NUC9VXQNX & NUC9V7QNX 


21 April 2020: NUC10i5FNK (low) now in stock!


17 April 2020: Sample of our new 19-inch rack mount for NUC9 Ghost Canyon and NUC9 Quartz Canyon

rack mount NUC9 ghost Canyon and Quartz Canyon



8 April 2020: Nuc10i3FNK available from next Tuesday (day after Easter)


8 April 2020: Are NUC9 Ghost Canyon and NUC9 Quartz Canyon finally coming?

We do not have a concrete date yet, but finally, we see some signs that things are moving. We're talking about the Ghost Canyon NUC9i7QNX & NUC9i5QNX and the Quartz Canyon NUC9VXQNX & NUC9V7QNX to arrive end of May. The NUC9i9QNX will probably be later. Also, prices are confirmed now and based on this info we made the 4 models we expect first available for ordering. 


April 2020: News from Intel about NUCs

Last week our product manager attended Intel’s webinar. Here is his resume…

No new announcements, only production problems due to Corona as expected ...



Frost Canyon (NUC10) i3 and i5 are coming week 12 ~ 16

It is expected that all NUC10s (Frost Canyon) will become scarce in the near future!

NUC8 Pro

Provo Canyon (NUC 8 Pro) still unknown

NUC9 Ghost Canyon, NUC9 Quartz Canyon

NUC 9 (Ghost / Quartz Canyon) Samples in Q2, and production in Q2. All units now published in the media are engineering samples, and these are no longer available ...

NUC7, 8, 10

For the time being, the Bean Canyon (Current NUC8BE) and Dawson Canyon (NUC7 Pro) are (still) available, and NUC10 (when available) will continue until 2021.

In addition, many SKUs are deleted due to clarity and delivery problems. It is expected that only US / EU power cord SKUs will be provided, and no UK anymore. Maybe later all products will be delivered WITHOUT a power cord due to minimizing SKUs. It is also expected that the required SKUs with Windows / Memory / HDD / SSD will also be deleted. Which ones are not clear, but I suspect they will focus more on barebones!

Intel does want to focus on all NUC products and the cooperation with third parties for accessories, etc. because they see an annual growth of 20% on the entire NUC product group. Hence, they may also be launching new types and form factors.

In short; Stay indoors, stay healthy and wait patiently ...


Mar 6 2020: NEW! 19 inch rack mount for 1-4 Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 19 inch rack mount for 1-4 pcs


Mar 6 2020: NEW! 19 inch rack mount for 1 Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi rack mount


Feb 14 2020: Raspberry Pi bracket to fit a Raspberry Pi into a 19 inch NUC rackmount

Raspberry Pi bracket  Raspberry Pi bracket

Combine one or more Intel NUC with Raspberry Pi in a 19-inch rack-mount


Feb 12 2020: NEW! 19 inch rack mounts for Raspberry Pi and NUC combined

NUC & Raspberry Pi combined                        Raspberry Pi 19 inch rackmount for 1-3 RBpi's

Based on the successful rack mounts for Intel NUC, MyElectronics newly developed also 19 inch Rack mounts for Raspberry Pi. A 1U rackmount for 1 Raspberry Pi, a 1U rackmount for 1-3 Raspberry Pi's and/or NUCs. Also, a 3U rack mount for 1-12x NUC and/or Raspberry Pi is available immediately.


Feb 10 2020: New NUC 8 Pro - Provo Canyon added


Although not available yet, all new NUC 8 Pro models (Provo Canyon) with specs are added:

NUC8 Pro rack mount 1U 

Jan 31 2020: NUC10i7FNH & NUC10i7FNK in stock now!

Ships the same day when ordered before 16:00.


Jan 31 2020: New Blog started about SailPC

SailPC installation in NMEA network with Raymarine, Lowrance and VDO.  Installing new AIS B NMEA2000 and testing with OpenCPN and PC-Navigo



Jan 29 2020: Finally!


The new NUC10s are coming in!

In small quantities, but this week we have begun delivering the backorders. Some models also have free stock left!


 Intel NUC 9 Extreme Kit                   Intel NUC 9 Pro Kit

Jan 16 2020: New NUC 9 Ghost Canyon & Quartz Canyon

Also known as NUC9 Extreme and NUC9 Pro

5 new NUCs added, Availability according to Intel 2020-Q1, Pricing preliminary:

The NUC9 Extreme Kit (Ghost Canyon): NUC9i9QNX, NUC9i7QNX, NUC9i5QNX

The NUC9 Pro Kit (Quartz Canyon): NUC9VXQNX, NUC9V7QNX


Jan 7 2019: Large stock coming in end of this week of BOXNUC8i3, BOXNUC8i5, BOXNUC8i7. Low and High types


    19 inch rackmount NUC 8 Chaco Canyon

Jan 3 2020: NEW NUC8CCHKR in stock now!

Perhaps not the most requested one, but still... the first of the new NUCS is now in stock: NUC 8 Rugged 'Chaco Canyon'. AKA: BKNUC8CCHK - BKNUC8CCHKR - NUC8CCHKR



NUC Elements 5.25 inch

Dec 23 2019: Introduction of a new 19 inch 1U NUC rackmount 'Elements'

Now you can find a re-use for your 'old' 5.25 DVD drive (or other 5.25 inch device). Mount it together with 1 o2 2 NUCs in a 1U rackmount. Or combine 2 slim DVD drives with two NUCs in just 1U of rack space with our new 'Elements' series



Dec 19 2019: CyberNUC with head and tail lights working and in stock as off today!

First batch will be shipped tomorrow to the early birds that ordered already, but we have some left for free stock!

Dec 18 2019: Availability NUC10i7FNH and NUC10i5FNK coming closer?

Finally there seems to be some progress in the matter of the new NUC10 Family availability.
Not yet a 100% clear commitment from Intel, but now it seems that the NUC10i7FNH and the NUC10i5FNK will be the first to become available. Perhaps even in December or first half of January. Finally!

For those that have already ordered from us; be patient, it's your turn first!

Stay tuned!


Dec 13 2019: The production of the CyberTruck is delayed, but the production of the CyberNUC is on schedule!

The first batch will be shipped this month. As a teaser we can show you how it looks in the dark with the lights on. 

CyberNUC The Movie

Dec 3 2019 - Read our BLOG about the CyberNUC project


Dec 2 2019:


Our most spectacular computer case launched:


On Cyber Monday we introduce:

See also at

The CyberNUC

CyberNUC case for NUC10i7FHK or NUC10i7FNK  CyberNUC case for NUC10i7FHK or NUC10i7FNK

Go to the product page and see the details and discover you can REALLY order this case now!


Nov 20 2019 - Intel NUC8i3BEK and NUC8i3BEH back in stock

Intel NUC8i3BEH NUC8i3BEK   NUC10i3FNK NUC10i5FNK NUC10i7FNK rackmount

Back in stock today, but very limited. Order now if you want one this year!


Nov 19 2019 - All new NUC10FN (Frost Canyon) models on MyElectronics with all specs & racks

NUC10 FN family      NUC10i3FNK NUC10i5FNK NUC10i7FNK rackmount

Click here for the Frost Canyons links


Nov 19 2019 - Updated version 1.1 of our Mac mini Rackmount

Now with dual USB3 and cheaper 8 connector extension panel

New Mac mini Rackmount v1.1

Nov 13 2019 - New NUC 8 Rugged Chaco Canyon!

And another new NUC + RackMount...

19 inch rackmount NUC 8 Chaco Canyon

As already announced on this NEWS page by MyElectronics on the 25th of September, the launch of the NUC8CCHK is now official. As is our 19 inch 1U Rack mount for this new NUC8CCHK! The new 19 inch rackmount is on stock already, the NUC8CCHK to be expected later this month.

Pre-order now for the introduction price!


Nov 12 2019 - New NUC 10 Frost Canyon!

The first Intel® NUC built with a 10th Generation Intel® Core processor

The first Intel® NUC built with a six core Intel® Core™ i7 processor (50% more cores than earlier generations)

The first Intel® NUC with Amazon® Alexa™ built in^ and supports Cortana with far field capabilities (4 mic array; 50% more than earlier generations)

NUC10 Performance


Nov 11 2019 - New NUC 10 series are coming!

The NUC 10th generation is here!

Finally the new Intel NUC 10 Family is coming. Not a 'NUC9' series, but NUC10FN series!

Product numbers are official now, we'll get:


Oct 31 2019 - check out our blog about the 2U Desktop Rack

Trying to fit in all kinds of equipment in our new 2U Desktop Rack

Oct 22 2019 - Starting up a new HomeLab project

Follow us on starting up a DIY project for a HomeLab. We'll post it step by step on our Facebook page

Oct 16 2019 - FREE Worldwide Shipping!

Becoming bigger and bigger comes with economy of scale... Now we offer FREE WorldWide delivery with our Economy shipping rate!

Oct 16 2019 - Two new Sail PCs added

Still highly requested by our sailing customers who don't want to ruin their laptops on board: Sail PCs!

Oct 10 2019 - Ducky One 2 mini RGB keyboard

Make your (often somewhat boring) mini computer a lot more fun with this fantastic mini keyboard, with all kinds of (also programmable) lighting colors.

Oct 4 2019 - Two Mini Computers added to our portfolio

Basically it's not so 'new', but we keep on getting requests for a 12V mini computer Dual-core with COM ports and suitable for Windows 7, and one 12V mini computer Quad-core with COM ports suitable for Windows 10

Sep 25 2019 - Brand new model Intel NUC on its way. We have a new developed 19 inch rack waiting for it...

We expect it this NUC8CCHKR to be on stock in November. Keep me posted on new NUC


Sep 13 2019 - Intel NUC mini PC NUC7JYH with 1.5HE 19 inch rackmount in one set

Finally this low priced Intel NUC Mini PC Celeron is in stock. Now complete with 19inch Rackmount!

Sep 11 2019 - New rackmount available for Hades Canyon NUC

Available as of now! 19 inch 1U frame for 1 or 2 Hades Canyon NUC'S NUC8i7HNK / NUC8i7HVK

Aug 13 2019 - Mac mini rack back in stock

New stock has arrived! Available as of now!

Aug 8 2019 - The very first Xeon NUC

Quartz Canyon is Intel's upcoming diminutive NUC workstation. Powered by either a Xeon E or an i7 vPro processor this turbocharged NUC features a PCIe x16 slot for a discrete graphics card. The case itself is very similar (identical?) to the more consumer-oriented Ghost Canyon NUC. 

As soon as more info (final form factor) comes available, MyElectronics will manufacture the Rack Mounts for it

Aug 5 2019 - Mac mini rack mount sold out

New stock is expected 2nd half of August. So if you want to get your hands on one soonest, send us an email for a reservation.

Aug 1 2019 - Mac mini rack mount selling out

Last weeks the Mac mini racks fly off the shelves. Almost running out of it now. New stock is expected 2nd half of August. So if you want one fast, better order now.

July 31 2019 - new picture for Mac mini rackmount

A bit more explanatory picture on how to use our Mac mini Rack mount with the 8-hole connector front


July 15 2019 - added Facebook Business Page

For all facts and stories around our store and products we can't put on the website. We can show how customers use our products and new projects we are starting up.


July 1 2019 - NEW Intel NUC

Intel has launched a 'new' NUC. It's not the 9th generation yet, but an update on the 8th generation NUC series. Though not really new, still interesting enough to mention.

It's a high model, which will seamlessly fit in our existing 19 inch 1.5U NUC Rackmount and our 19 inch 3U NUC Rackmount.

“Introducing the first Intel NUC with the latest 8th generation Intel Core processor and AMD Radeon 540X discrete graphics for all your gaming and entertainment needs. Play the latest casual games, binge watch the latest series, or stream digital music like never before with the latest quad-core processor from Intel that delivers 2x faster performance.”

For details of this NUC have a look at Intel



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Mac Studio rack mounts available !