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PW 80, 11-30V input, 80W cableless, snap-in, ATX micro-power supply


Variable input 11 - 30V DC

End of life, replaced by the 5257 picoPSU-60-WI 6-24V

Compact design, less cables. The PW-80 is the only cableless 11-30V input mini-atx dc to dc power supply for the VIA platform. Compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards such as VIA EPIA ML5000EA, ME6000, M10000 provides cool, silent power for your small mini-itx board. Not compatible with the MII10000/MII12000 unless you use the ATX extendercable.

Comes with 1x 3,5" and 1x 5,25" drive-connector

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