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MB Intel D201GLY2A Celeron 1,2GHz Mini-ITX


Fan and SATA!!

The Intel® Desktop Board D201GLYA is an innovative solution for the sub-value market segment. With an Intel® Celeron® processor and graphics integrated on the board, this board enables easy system integration and helps you to achieve a lower system cost. This board has 10/100 LAN and can support up to six Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports, providing both connectivity and ease of use for your computing needs such as email and internet.

  • Beste geschikt met de PicoPSU 90W (P4 kabel zit er aan).
  • Wel geschikt voor de PicoPSU 120W (P3-P4 kabel meebestellen)
  • Wel geschikt voor de M3-ATX en de PicoPSU 120W WI 12-32V (ATX verlengkabel nodig, past niet direct in de ATX connector).
  • Wel geschikt voor de M2-ATX en de M2-ATX-HV (P4-P4 kabel meebestellen).
  • Wel geschikt voor de M2-ATX en de M2-ATX-HV (P4-P4 kabel meebestellen).
  • Niet geschikt voor de M1-ATX en de PicoPSU 60 WI 6-24V.


Intel product page met drivers en specs

Technical Specifications


Processor Support

• Intel® Celeron® 220 1,2GHz Processor integrated


• SiS* SIS662 North Bridge

• SiS* SIS964 South Bridge

I/O Features

• Integrated super I/O LPC bus controller

• Ultra ATA 100/66 device support

• Two SATA ports (1.5 Gb/s)

• One PCI local bus slot

USB 2.0

• Two back-panel ports

• Two onboard headers providing four ports


Audio Solution

• AC’97 compliant integrated audio solution

10/100 Network Connection

• Onboard 10/100 Ethernet LAN


System BIOS

• 4 Mb Flash EEPROM with Intel® Tiano BIOS

featuring Plug and Play, IDE drive auto-configure

• Advanced configuration and power interface

V1.0b, DMI 2.0

Intel® Rapid BIOS Boot

• Optimized POST for fast access to PC

from power-on

System Memory

Memory Capacity

• One 240-pin DIMM connector

• Designed to support up to 1 GB of system

memory using DDR2 533 / 400 SDRAM

Memory Type

• DDR2 533 / 400 SDRAM

Memory Voltage

• 1.8 V

Wake-up from Network

• Wired for Management (WfM) 2.0-compatible

• Support for system wake-up using an add-in

network interface card with remote wake-up


Expansion Capabilities

• One PCI bus add-in card connector

Jumpers and Front-Panel Connectors


• Single configuration jumper design

• Jumper access for BIOS configuration mode

Front-Panel Connectors

• Reset, HD LED, Power LEDs, power on/off,

aux LED

• Two USB 2.0 headers

• Audio header


Board Style

• Mini-ITX/microATX compatible

• 6.75" x 6.75" (17.145 cm x 17.145 cm)

Desktop Board Power Requirements

• ATX12V or SFX12V


Operating Temperature

• 0° C to +55° C

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