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M2-ATX HV 140W Automotive Intelligent PSU



M2-ATX-HV is an intelligent vehicle ATX power supply. Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a motherboard based on ignition status, M2-ATX-HV is a wide input (6-32V) ATX power supply capable of surviving tough engine cranks (down to 5.7V) as well as transient over-voltage situations.

Download PDF for all specs

M2-ATX-HV has 8 user selectable microcontroller driven timing modes, allowing you to choose up to 8 ignition/shutdown timing schemes. By removing all user-selectable jumpers, M2-ATX-HV becomes a traditional PSU with no ignition control and it can be used in non-vehicle applications.

Even if your computer is totally OFF, a PC will still consume few hundered milliwatts, needed to monitor PC ON/OFF status. When the computer is in the suspend/sleep mode, it will consume even more power, because the RAM needs to be powered at all times. The power consumption in the suspend mode is few watts. No matter how big your battery is, it will eventually drain your battery in a matter of days.

While in deep sleep mode, M2-ATX-HV constantly monitors your car battery voltage levels, preventing deep discharge situations by automatically shutting down until battery levels reach safe levels again.

No more dead batteries, no more computer resets during engine cranks, along with multiple timing schemes, small formfactor and very competitive price makes the M2-ATX-HV the premier solution for ATX vehicle power supply solutions.

M2-ATX-HV comes equipped with ATX, HDD and Floppy cable harness, jumpers, faston connectors and 2 pin cables for motherboard ON/OFF switch. Just connect it to your 12V or 24V car / boat / RV battery and power up your PC.

Working from 8V Power input (6V for short time) !

M2-ATX-HV is formfactor compatible with all Morex cases and eg. Travla C134/C150 enclosures.

The M2-ATX-HV also is capable for P4(M)- and AMD-systems.
Dimensions : 160 x 45 mm

Scope of Supply:
- M2-ATX-HV board
- ATX-connector cable with drive power connectors
- Cable for mainboard (Remote-PowerOn)
- 3x cables f. Plus, Ignition Plus, Ground (Minus)
- 1x Jumper
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