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MB Intel D201GLY Celeron 1,2GHz Mini-ITX


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The Intel® Desktop Board D201GLY is an innovative solution for the sub-value market segment. With an Intel® Celeron® processor and graphics integrated on the board, this board enables easy system integration and helps you to achieve a lower system cost. This board has 10/100 LAN and can support up to six Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports, providing both connectivity and ease of use for your computing needs such as email and internet.

  • Wel geschikt voor de PicoPSU 120W (P3-P4 kabel meebestellen).
  • Wel geschikt voor de M3-ATX en de PicoPSU 120W WI 12-32V (ATX verlengkabel nodig, past niet direct in de ATX connector).
  • Wel geschikt voor de M2-ATX en de M2-ATX-HV (P4-P4 kabel meebestellen).
  • Wel geschikt voor de M2-ATX en de M2-ATX-HV (P4-P4 kabel meebestellen).
  • Niet geschikt voor de M1-ATX en de PicoPSU 60 WI 6-24V.


Intel product page met drivers en specs

Processor Integrated Intel® Celeron® 215 processor with a 533 MHz system bus
  • One 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets
  • Support for DDR2 533 MHz and DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs
  • Support for up to 1 GB of system memory
Chipset SiS* SiS662
Audio ADI* AD1888 audio codec
Video Integrated SiS Mirage* 1 graphic engine
I/O Control Winbond* W83627DHG-B based Legacy I/O controller for hardware management, serial, parallel, and PS/2* ports
LAN Support 10/100 Mbits/sec LAN subsystem using the Broadcom* LAN adapter device
Peripheral Interfaces
  • Six USB 2.0 ports
  • One parallel ATA IDE interface with UDMA 33, ATA-66/100/133 support
  • One S-Video output port (optional)
  • One serial port
  • One parallel port
  • PS/2* keyboard and mouse ports
Expansion Capabilities One PCI Conventional* bus connector
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