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picoPSU-60-WI 6-24V 60W(80W peak) ATX PowerSupply


EOL, still a few left

Perfect voor alle VIA (of PentiumM/DualCore) Mini-ITX bordjes met 2.5"HD en slimline CD/DVD-RW. Minder geschikt voor 3,5" HD's Full size CD/DVD's. Niet geschikt voor Pentium 4 of andere processoren met een  V(core) van boven de 5V

- 60 watts / 80 watt peak
- 6-26V input
- 100% silent, fanless
- Over 94% efficiency
- Plugs directly into the ATX connector
- Compatible with VIA C3/C7 or Intel / AMD CPU with V(core) from 5V rail
- Excellent mini-ITX PSU
-Not suitable to power a 3,5" HD or a 5,25" DVD full size!! (in that case use the M3-ATX)

Introducing picoPSU-60-WI, world's tiniest 6-26V input DC-DC ATX power supply unit (PSU)

Compact design, less cables. The picoPSU-60-WI is the smallest snap-in 6-26V ATX dc-dc power supply. The picoPSU is compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards as well as regular boards. The picoPSU-60-WI provides a cool, silent 60 Watts/ 80 Watt peak of power for small PC designs using a single 6-26V power source.

By using Patent Pending HyperWatt[TM] technologies , picoPSU-60-WI packs an impressive amount of power relative with its very small footprint. PicoPSU-60-WI has several key advantages over traditional power supplies:

- Very small, can build ultra-compact PC enclosures and slim server enclosures.

- Fits any motherboard equipped with a 20 or 24pin ATX connector.

- 100% silent, fanless, no moving parts.

- Operates at only 6-26V.

- Highly efficient design, does not produce a lot of heat.

- Ideal for low power Intel Core Duo as well as all VIA C3/C7 motherboards.

Small computer projects start with small power supplies. PicoPSU-60-WI is a crucial key component that unleashes the ultimate power solution for general purpose computing platforms. PicoPSU-60-WI is fully ATX compliant PSU, making it an excellent candidate for any silent, fanless and small 6-26V DC-DC ATX PC power supply project.

Reduce space. Eliminate 20 unnecessary wires by plugging in directly into the motherboard ATX connector. The picoPSU-60-WI 6-26V dc-dc ATX converter was designed from ground up to fit small form factor ATX boards, allowing enclosure designers to save space while not compromising power requirements.

Cool power. Operating at only 6-26V, the picoPSU-60-WI dc-dc ATX power supply delivers 60 Watts/ 80Watt peak of power. picoPSU provides plenty of power (via ATX connector and HDD cable harness) for CPU and an entire range of peripherals.

100% Silent The picoPSU-60-WI mini PSU is a 100% silent fanless dc to dc solution. No fans, no noise, just power for small and silent PCs.

picoPSU-60-WI is a fully compliant DC-DC ATX PC PSU. It can power VIA mini-ITX boards with C3 or C7 processors, Pentium-M, Core Duo Mobile that gets V(core) from the 5V rail.

picoPSU-60-WI ATX DC-DC converter is very small, measuring just 31x45x20mm, about the size of two AA batteries, picoPSU-60-WI is also 1U ServerRack compliant.

NOTE : This PSU cannot power 3.5" drives and 5.25" CDROMS, please use 2.5" drives or SlimCds or FlashDisk for your systems due to limited 12V rail output capabilities. This PSU is guaranteed to work with any VIA mini-ITX board or Pentium-M / core solo or core duo that gets V(core) from the 5V rail. These types of motherboards use only 50-150mA on the 12V rail

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