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Black Alumimium CarPC Box


NEW Case for CARPC


(No mainboard and Powersupply included)

Has one fan standard, up to 3 fans for moist/heat removal

This automotive enclosure is a small, ruddged PC enclosure designed to work in harsh enviroments. This encloure works with any type of mini-ITX motherboard (170x170mm)  The enclosure was designed to work with the M1-ATX/M2-ATX/M3-ATX automotive power supply unit.

Works with one or two 2.5" drives, mounted on sillicone rubber shock-mounts.

- Automotive mini-ITX enclosure
- tough design, 5mm aluminium extrusion
- compatible with any mini-ITX board
- works with M2-ATX/M3-ATX automotive PSU
- 210(W)x254(L)x56(H)mm
- up to 3 fans for moisture/heat removal(1 supplied and necessary)

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