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PW 200-M 200W cableless, snap-in, ATX micro-power supply


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Also useful as seperate Powersupply with ATX extendercable art.nr. 4215

Compact design, less cables. The PW-120A is the only cableless mini-atx dc to dc power supply for the VIA platform. Compatible with an entire range of new mini-itx motherboards such as VIA EPIA ML5000EA, ME6000, M10000, MII10000/MII12000 provides cool, silent power for your small mini-itx board.

Comes with 1x 3,5" and 1x 5,25" drive-connector

Size: PW-120-M: 61mm(L) * 57mm(W) * 30mm (H) (1U compliant)

DC-Jack: Female, 2.5*5.5*10 mm

Connectors: Molex 39-01-2200, two 3.5" drive power connector, 1 floppy. Optional

5V header (2x0.1" pitch) available on the power board.

Overload protection: Over load protection will be effected when either of the loads (+5V &+3.3V) exceeds > 200% Max Load.

Turn-on Delay: After turning on, at least 20 ms will be needed for the rise of +5V output voltage (measured from 10% to 95%) to reach its peak.

Remote ON/OFF control

Logic level is LOW - Output voltage is enabled.

Logic level is HIGH - Output voltage is disabled.

Operating environment: Temperature: 0 to 80 degree centigrade. Relative Humidity: 10 to 90 percent, non-condensing.

Efficiency: Greater than 95% at full load.

MTBF: 200,00 hours

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